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Ranch Cams ... The next best thing to being there!

RanchCams Wireless Camera Systems can monitor:
             Your wireless barn camerasbarn, paddock, shop, garage, pool, gate or horse trailer.

We carry wireless camera systems to meet your needs for any area that you want to watch ...the possibilities are endless.

While you're traveling down the road transporting your horses, see how they're doing with a glance!

Easily monitor a pregnant, injured or sick horse, prize cattle, sheep, exotics, with our wireless barn camera systems.
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RanchCams Wireless Systems let you watch what is going on just by turning on your TV.  You can even record the picture to your VCR or DVD recorder.

What our Customers say:

  • I Count on my Ranchcams so much.  A couple of weeks ago he got his foot caught in his feedbag and I knew it immediately.  Pam G  SC
  • Thank you for all your help. You really live up to your service motto. I am very impressed.  Sonia Z NJ
  • We had a healthy colt on April 14. I was able to be present due to your wonderful assistance.  Cassandra O  LA
  • Your ranchcam saved two horses we were transporting.  Thank you.  Chad G FL
  • I have a ranchcam in my horse trailer and I love it.  It is great to have when I truck my pony behind my big motor home.  Carlo R-W  NY
  • My mechanic and I both appreciate your superior customer service.  Julian C  OR
  • I have been pleased with your products and service.  I plan on adding more cameras to this new system  Allan B  MT
  • I wasn't aware there was going to be a sale going on.  Thanks a lot for applying the discount  John T  WV

A word about quality:

You will not find plastic transmitter or camera housings, cheap antennas or underperforming camera sensors at RanchCams.  All RanchCams cameras , other than the side view trailer cams, use anodized aluminum housings that will never rust. Our free standing transmitters in the Long Distance barn systems are in anodized aluminum waterproof housings.  There is no need for an additional weatherproof box for outside installations.  All of our cameras are weatherproof. We use the highest quality Sony camera sensors. We use Sharp sensors where on camera mirror imaging is desired. We never use the standard low end import chips or sensors.  All of our cameras are built to RanchCams specifications.

The contacts on our cable connections are gold plated for interference free transmission. The individual wires in our wired trailer cables are not just set with clamp screws, but are soldered as well.  This means years of solid reliable performance with no loss due to wire shrinkage or loose connections.

Every RanchCams product is guaranteed for one year.

We ship the same day on orders received before 3:00 P.M. Central time.

Our camera systems allow you to monitor your barn or other facilities without the expense of running hardwire. Our wireless camera systems will support up to four cameras. Our receivers can be set to sequence from one stall or area to the next or they can be set to view just one camera position.
All cameras have wide angle lenses.
Installing your system is a breeze. Just plug and play.  Plugs are color coded for ease of installation.

wired trailer cameraOur 2.40GHz wireless systems can transmit over 1,000 ft. line of sight. For longer distances, heavily treed areas or metal buildings, we have additional options.  Outdoor equipment is weatherproof.  Infrared (IR) cameras will transmit a clear picture in total darkness. Many of our cameras offer audio as well as video output.

         We can tailor a system to meet your specific needs!
Check out our catalog today and make sure you know what's going on even when you're not around!