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wireless barn cameras T-1000


SR-300 & SR-5000



  • RanchCams transmitters are weatherproof for versatile installation
  • Transmitter housings are anodized aluminum and will never rust
  • T series transmitters available in 2.4 GHz frequencies
  • T series transmitters are for use with first generation RanchCams barn systems and are not compatible with the current barn systems due to changes in frequencies
  • T series transmitters have a maximum line of sight range of up to 1,000 feet
  • All transmitters broadcast video and audio signals
  • Transmitters have 4 channels selected by dip switch (see photograph)
  • Each transmitter includes a stub rubber antenna
  • All transmitters include a power adapter for household current
  • SR-300 transmitters are available in standard power with a transmission distance of 300 feet
  • SR-5000T is the high power version of the SR-300 transmitter and use of the M0-1 panel antenna is recommended with the 5000
T-1000 Long Distance 2.4 GHz transmitter $109.95 Buy Now
SR-300T Wooden  barn system transmitter for LD 2.4 barn system $109.95

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SR-5000T Long distance transmitter up to 5,000 feet LD 2.4 Long $124.95

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