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Wired LCD Monitor


monitors for horse trailer cameras

  • Easy installation with only 2 wires (power & ground) to connect-powers the whole system
  • This is the monitor used in our wired trailer camera system
  • LCD screen provides a sharp color and black & white picture
  • Viewing angle is 30 degrees from above and 60 degrees from below, left and right
  • Built-in speaker and earphone jack
  • Includes a full function remote control
  • Will play up to 3 channels
  • Rugged construction insures long life of components
  • Input jack enables playback of DVDs video tapes or direct connection to a camcorder
  • Mirror image controls allows you to "flip" picture if desired
  • Adjustable for full or wide screen
  • Has an screen grid overlay you may select if using with a back-up camera
  • 11 language options
  • Automatic backlight illuminates controls in dim light
  • Works on 12 to 24 volt power
  • A single plug make removal for security a snap
  • Includes "trigger" wires that will turn on a specific channel when energized.  This is typically used to activate a rear-view camera when the vehicle is placed in reverse or a side view camera when the appropriate turn signal is engaged. Use of trigger wires is strictly option.
  • Includes 2 mounts for different mounting options

This monitor is the first one we have used with a wired system.  Prior market offerings just did not have the features, ease of installation and operation that we wanted. This monitor has it all.  It has a superior picture with clear color and sharp images. 




 Wired 7" LCD monitor $249.95 Buy Now

2.4 GHz  7" LCD Wireless Monitor/Receiver

monitors for horse trailer cameras
  • Large 7" screen makes it easier to see details than smaller screens
  • Liquid Crystal Display is the same type used in big screen TVs and produces a sharp image
  • LCD screen gives better viewing angle than old technology with 45 degrees up, 65 down and 65 degrees left and right
  • Includes remote control for passenger or extended range control
  • Quick and easy one plug removal for security or concealment
  • Operates on 12 to 24 volt power
  • All the features of the wired monitor (MO127) with the convenience of wireless use
  • Receives 4 separate channels on the 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Use permanent wiring or cigarette lighter adapter
  • Audio and video output plugs allow you to record from the monitor to a camcorder or other recorder
  • Includes 2 mounts for all vehicle uses
  • Input jack for playing DVDs
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in antenna folds out of the way when not is use and is removable
  • This is the monitor included in our wireless trailer camera system
  • Can be set to automatically sequence through all available cameras
  • 11 language options for on-screen display (brush up on your Russian?)
  • Timer delay to shut off monitor option
  • Audio mute option
  • Built-in "trigger" wires to automatically change channels to a specific camera. One general trigger wire for any use plus wires for right turn signal, left turn signal and reverse lights.  These are used with side view cameras and rear view cameras. You do not need to use these to operate your wireless monitor.  Their use is optional


This is a high tech yet durable monitor/receiver with all of the latest features.  It allows adjustment of brightness, sharpness, contrast, color, and color hue and of course volume.  It has a selector for the TV system so it is compatible with video devices used in the US and other parts of the world.  With the sequencing option on, the time that the monitor stays on each camera is adjustable to your preference from 5 seconds to 90 seconds.  You probably will not use all of the features in this monitor, but they enhance the functionality of the unit by giving you adjustments to tailor the picture to your environment.  This unit has everything you want except hot and cold running water.

You might wonder how the infrared picture looks.  This is a photo of one of our regular cameras set up outside on a moonless night.  Since you are looking at a picture of a picture, it loses some of the effect, but you can see how clearly you can see in the dark.  The corner of the building in the picture is 25 feet from the camera.  Please note that you can easily see the backlit control buttons in the dark.  What appears to be a bright light shining in the middle of the picture is the infrared light.  It is of course, invisible to our eyes and animal's eyes.

monitors for horse trailer camera systems


7" LCD Monitor/Receiver
12 Volt TFT Converter
$   7.95
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Quad Monitor for Wired Trailer Systems

  • Can be used with any of our wired trailer systems
  • 7 inch screen's larger size make viewing easy
  • Monitor can show a single picture or split the screen for up to 4 cameras
  • Powered by a cigarette lighter plug or permanently wired in your truck
  • Screen adjustable for standard or wide picture
  • Individual cameras can be "mirror' flipped in the monitor so that forward or backward facing cameras are adjustable for your preference. This can also correct upside down for cameras mounted upside down
  • Includes U mount as shown in picture, a pedestal mount and can be mounted in our standard windshield suction cup mount
  • Color picture with color camera and black & white picture with infrared night vision
  • Includes an option sun shield to block sun reflection
  • Monitor has a built-in speaker and audio output for separate speaker or headphones
  • You can manually change cameras, have the monitor scan all of your cameras or have a split screen
  • You can make all changes on the monitor control panel or with the included remote control (battery included)
  • You have a choice of a single screen, dual split screen, triple split screen or quad screen
  • Quad screen can be one on each corner or two stacked in middle and long pictures on the side
  • You can also have picture in picture with one, two or three small panel pictures over your main picture
  • This monitor is equipped with input and output jacks so that you can record directly from the monitor or play DVDs or other portable players including camcorder on the monitor
  • You can set this monitor to open the shutter on our C-635 back-up camera or set it to leave the shutter open all the time
  • The Quad option lets you replace the standard monitor in the wired camera system on original orders


MO-136 Quad Monitor $324.95

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Quad Option Replace std. monitor when ordering a wired trailer system $79.95

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