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 12 Volt power plug

cameras for horse trailers

The 12 volt power plug is used to connect some cameras to 12 volt wiring.  These are used with the wireless trailer camera systems and to provide power to the auto shutter on the rear view camera.  Power plugs are provide with the system sets, but if you should need another, it can be purchased here.  These are 2.1 mm by 5 mm plugs and can often be obtained locally.  Make sure you do not buy a 2.5 mm by 5 mm plug as they are easily confused.  This plug splices into existing wiring.

12Vplug 12 volt power plug $2.95          Buy Now

Static Suppressors


Static suppressors are sometimes needed in vehicles with wireless camera systems.  The vehicle itself generates a lot of electrical "static" which is carried throughout the wiring system.  If the alternator is not functioning in full capacity the static level may be high enough to produce serious interference in the video and audio reception.  The static suppressor is placed in the power line going to the transmitter or camera/transmitter (depending on your installation) and suppresses this electrical noise interference.  The 10 amp suppressor is sufficient for nearly all applications.  We also stock a 35 amp suppressor for extreme situation which may be encountered on heavy equipment with unshielded electrical systems. Installation instructions are included.

Supp-10 10 Amp static suppressor $13.95         Buy Now
Supp-35 35 Amp static suppressor $15.95         Buy Now

Camera Adapters

The 4PinRCA adapters allow you to use a 4 pin camera from a wired trailer system with a system using RCA connectors such as the Long Distance Camera system.  With an RCA4Pin adapter you can use an RCA connector camera with a 4 pin connector.  The wired trailer system uses the 4 pin connectors.  If you change from one system to another, you do not need to buy new cameras.  You can also move cameras from one installation to another depending on your needs at the time

4PinRCA Adapts a 4 pin camera to an RCA cable $6.95

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RCA4Pin Adapts an RCA camera to a 4 pin cable $6.95

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Power Adapters

Power adapters change regular household current to 12 volt for the operation of 12 volt equipment.  Our power adapters are energy star approved and are of the regulated type insuring against power variations that may occur with non-regulated adapters.  The 500 mA adapter is for cameras.  The 1200 mA adapter is for monitors and the 1500 mA adapter is for the T series transmitters.  Call for European adapters.  We stock some Adapters to fit European electrical outlets.

ACDC500 12 volt adapter .5 amps $7.95

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ACDC1200 12 volt adapter 1.2 amps $7.95

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ACDC1500 12 volt adapter 1.5 amps $7.95

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12 Volt Car Adapter

This is the 12 volt automotive power adapter that is included with the wireless trailer camera system.  It plugs into any automotive power point or cigarette lighter. It has an LED light to let you know it is receiving power and has an internal 5 amp fuse to protect valuable equipment against damage from power surges.  This is a standard auto type fuse and can easily be replaced should the need arise.  The cord is 6 feet long and has a 2.1 mm by 5.5 mm terminal plug to fit all RanchCams 12 volt equipment.

12VCON 12 volt auto power adapter $7.95

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12 Volt Surge Protector

The surge protector is seldom needed.  It controls surges in automotive lines that in some instances may damage equipment.  This is not a problem in the typical car or pick-up installation.  It my be needed with heavy equipment that has higher voltage systems for starting and some accessories.  These are generally 24 volt systems.  If 24 volts are only used for starting, you probably do not need a surge protector.  It may also be needed if you are running a large living area in a trailer and have a power inverter.  The surge protector has a standard 2.1 mm plug and jack.  It plugs in between the existing power plug and the camera.  There is nothing else to the installation.


 Surge protector for 12 volt systems $14.95

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SMA Connectors

Our SMA connectors are manufactured to the highest standards with gold plated contact points and teflon liners.  The most popular connector is the 90 degree connector pictured above.  This connects to the back of any of our wireless cameras and allows greater angling of the camera.  The antenna cable may restrict the amount of angle that can be attained in the standard camera bracket.  We also have the SMA Tee which allows two wireless cameras or transmitters to be used with a single antenna.  This means a single cable from the  antenna to the camera location.  Sometimes you end up with two matching connectors and a double female or double male connector will allow you to join them together.

SMA 90 Right Angle SMA adapter $9.95 Buy Now
SMA Tee SMA Tee connector for wireless trailer use $19.95 Buy Now
SMA Tee RP SMA Tee connector for wireless barn use $19.95 Buy Now
SMA FF SMA connector female to female $9.95

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SMA MM SMA connector male to male $9.95

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  Female to Female connector

Male to Male connector