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Barn, Outbuilding, Indoor and Outdoor surveillance systems

Long Distance Camera System

These are complete kits with everything you will need to install a remote camera for your barn, paddock or outbuildings.  Included in all of our systems is the C-220 color infrared camera with Sony Super HAD 480 line resolution color CCD, audio and infrared night vision. You furnish your own television, but there is nothing else to buy.  Both barn systems can operate up to four cameras.  You can add a camera to your system anytime with the add-a-camera sets.

Llong distance wireless camera systems for barnsD 2.4 Barn   This version is for wooden barns up to 300 feet from the receiver site. The LD 2.4 Barn will reach up to 300 feet, however we recommend that you use 250 feet when considering your options. Included with this system is a 65 feet power/audio/video (P/A/V) cable which allows you to place the camera far from an electrical outlet and the transmitter.  The cable carries power to the camera and brings the video and audio signal back to the transmitter.  With this cable you can place the camera where you want for the best view of your animals.  Also included is a remote microphone so that you can place it for the best audio and eliminate distraction noise. The transmitter and receiver are equipped with removable antennas and you can add other antennas later if your needs change.  The receiver hooks to your TV, VCR, or DVR with the included RCA cables.  It plugs in just like a VCR to your TV.  The LS 2.4 Barn system is priced at $389.95

LD 2.4 Add   You can operate up to 4 cameras with this system.  The add-a-camera set includes the C-220 camera with Sony 480 line Super HAD color chipset, a transmitter, power adapter, a 65 foot long P/A/V cable and a remote control that will allow you to change your receiver from camera to camera.  A remote microphone is also included for the new camera The add-a-camera set is $274.95

LD 2.4 LONG  The longer range system has a more powerful transmitter, an external transmitting antenna and a panel antenna for the receiver.  This system is best for metal and stone buildings and areas where heavy brush or trees obscure the line of sight from the barn to the receiving site.  This system will give you a reliable picture up to 1 mile line of sight. The Long system includes the weatherproof panel antenna for use at the transmission site.  This antenna can be mounted on a pole (1" to 1 1/4"), on a wall, a roof, or even a fence or tree. There is a special antenna cable (39') for connection to the transmitter, a 65 foot long P/A/V cable which allows for optimal camera placement and all power adapters. The receiver comes with a removable stub antenna as well as a small but powerful panel antenna for the best reception.  Of course cables for attachment of the receiver to your TV, VCR or DVR are included.   All connections are easy to plug in with no electrical knowledge needed.  The LD 2.4 Long system is available for $489.95.


LD 2.4 LongSMA   The add -a-camera set includes a C-220 camera with 480 line Sony Super HAD chipset and infrared night vision, high power transmitter, an SMA Tee connector which will allow you to use 2 transmitters on a single antenna and all cables and power adapters.  A 65 foot long P/A/V cable is included along with a remote microphone for the new camera. You also get a remote control for the receiver which allows to you change cameras without getting up. There is nothing else to buy.  Additional cameras do not need to be near the first camera and operate independently sending their signal back to your receiver. The transmitters will need to be within 12 feet of one another for connection to the antenna cable.  This add-a-camera set is available for $349.95

LD 2.4 LongAdd  The add-a-camera is also available with the weatherproof high gain panel antenna instead of the SMA Tee connector.  It includes everything else noted in the LD2.4 LongSMA add on camera set.  This add on set lets you place a second, third or fourth camera in a location far from the other camera(s). The LD 2.4 Long Add is priced at $379.95

Longer lengths of antenna cable and P/A/V cables are available and are listed separately in the Cables Product section..  Please contact us by telephone with your custom needs.  If you need a longer cable phone us when you are ready to order. There is generally no additional charge for longer cables.

You can substitute other cameras in any system or add-a-camera system. Cameras  such as the C-641 can be substituted for a nominal charge or the compact C-087 at a slightly lower cost.  Call us for substitutions or your custom needs.


  LD2.4Barn Barn system up to 300 feet $389.95 Buy Now
  LD2.4Long Barn system up to 5000 feet $489.95 Buy Now
  LD2.4LongSMA Add on camera for 5000 ft. system for single antenna $349.95 Buy Now
  LD2.4Add Add on camera set for 2.4 GHz system $274.95 Buy Now
  LD2.4LongAdd Add on camera for 5000 feet system with panel antenna $379.95 Buy Now

Long Distance Transmitter – Metal, Wood, or Masonry Barns

This transmitter is used for longer distances cameras and provides an ideal solution for metal buildings.  The SR-300 transmitter will send a video and audio signal up to 300 feet and is the one included in our LD 2.4 Barn system.  It includes a power adapter, and antenna.  This transmitter uses the 2.4 GHz frequencies and has 4 different channels. Channels are changed with a push button on the transmitter and the operating channel has an indicator light.  It does not sequence and will transmit a single camera.  However, up to 4 transmitters can broadcast on different channels to the same receiver. The transmitter uses standard RCA plugs for easy plug and play installation. For use in metal buildings and many masonry buildings, a separate omni directional antenna is available. This antenna has a magnetic base and can be mounted on metal, wood, or masonry surfaces. For longer distances the M0-1 antenna or any of our higher dBi omni directional antennas can be used. For metal buildings, the antenna will need to be mounted outside the building since RF will not pass through metal.  A coaxial cable is required for this antenna connection and is available in the cables section of products. 

The SR-5000T is a higher powered transmitter that is capable of transmitting over 1 mile when equipped with the M0-1 panel antenna.  The S0-1 panel antenna is recommended for the receiver to improve reception with this transmitter.  This is the transmitter included in the LD 2.4 Long system.  The SR-5000T has the same features as the SR-300 varying only in power output.  See the antennas section in Products for the panel and other antenna options. You can save $35.00 on a package including the SR-5000T, the M0-1 panel antenna and SMA to N antenna cable (39 feet) with the SR-500Add set.


  SR-300T 2.4 GHz transmitter up to 300 feet $109.95 Buy Now
  SR-5000T 2.4 GHz transmitter up to 5000 feet $124.95 Buy Now
  MagAnt Magnetic base omni antenna 5 dBi $29.95 Buy Now
  SR-500Add SR-5000 Tx with M0-1 antenna and 39 foot antenna cable $194.85 Buy Now

Vari-Focal Camera
  • Manually adjustable zoom from 3.5 mm to 8.0 mm
  • Vary the field of vision from 44 to 95 degrees
  • Water and weatherproof aluminum housing for outdoor use
  • Color daylight picture
  • Black & white night vision with 66 large infrared LEDs
  • Built-in microphone for audio, however audio range is much shorter than video
  • Night vision up to 150 feet
  • Compatible with wireless or wired systems
  • Ideal for paddocks, yards, driveways, very large barns, home security, outbuildings

The C-641 is popular for use in large open spaces and is often used as an addition to a Long Distance Camera system.  For use with the Long Distance system a transmitter and antenna must be added.  As with our other cameras, the C-641 is highly suited to outdoor use.  Of course, it can be moved to different locations depending on seasonal or monitoring needs.

  C-641 Vari-Focal Camera $149.95 Buy Now