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Trailer Camera Systems


Wired trailer camera system


wired camera systems for horse trailers
  • Easy installation with no wires to connect-cigarette lighter powers the whole system
  • Most economical system on the market
  • Can view up to 3 cameras in trailer and a hitch camera can be added as a fourth camera
  • System can be permanently wired into truck wiring if preferred
  • Color picture in daylight, black & white infrared night vision with 18 infrared LEDs
  • Easy to add side view or rear view cameras - simply plug in and go
  • High-quality 7" LCD monitor with remote control
  • Monitor easily unplugs for security concealment
  • Trigger wires included for optional automatic operation of side view and rear view cams
  • Rugged construction insures long life of components
  • System includes everything for a single camera system
  • Uses our C-087 camera in anodized aluminum housing
  • Our wired cameras are rated IP69K meaning they are dustproof and waterproof and can be pressure washed with cold or hot water including steam washing.
  • Additional cameras may be added at any time with no wiring needed
  • Cameras do not send audio to monitor
  • Instruction manual included
  • Quad monitor is available to show up to 4 cameras at the same time
  • We have sets to fit any trailer including commercial semi-trailers, just phone

We stock sets in 4 standard sizes.  All are the same price, so order the one that fits your situation the best. The 5 meter (16 ft) truck cable with 10 meter (32.5 ft) set fits standard SUVs and pick-ups with standard cabs.  Pick-ups with extended cabs and full 8 foot beds should use the 8 meter (26 ft) truck cable and 15 meter (49 ft) trailer cable. We can mix and match cable sets depending on your needs. Semi trucks, haulers with living quarters on the truck frame and very long motor homes should use the 10 meter (32.5 ft) truck cable and 15 meter (49 ft) trailer cable.  The cable lengths may sound long, but the extra length allows you to route the cables through the easiest route.  Excess cable can be bundled with a plastic tie.  The trailer cables can be extended with the use of extension cables (See the cables section of the products menu)

We now have an extra long 20 meter (65 feet) trailer cable for those extra long trailers with living quarters and  commercial trailers that wish to route the cable a long way around the trailer.  When combined with an extension cable for extra cameras, you could put cameras in rail cars if you wanted.  See the cables section in the products menu if you want any replacement cables or extension.

Adding more cameras is a simple as adding an extension cable which connects to the end of the trailer cable.  A new camera then connects to the end of the extension cable.  No wiring is needed.  Order an extension cable in whatever length you need to go from the end of your trailer cable (the location of your original camera) to the location of you new camera.  an extension camera works for a rear view camera as well.  You can use our standard interior camera (they are weatherproof) or the C-635 rear view camera with automatic shutter and heated lens for all weather uses.  You will need an extension cable for all added cameras except the hitch camera which is delivered with everything needed to install.

 wireless camera systems for horse trailers

Quad System

We also have a quad systems available in our wired system line. We now have a new and improved Quad system that is easier to to run.  It now automatically senses how many cameras are in your system and provides a split screen with that number of pictures.  You can still choose to watch any single camera as a full frame image on the monitor.  When in auto select, the monitor will show a single picture, a 2 camera split screen, 3 camera split or 4 camera split screen depending on how many cameras are in your system.  We offer a single camera Quad system so that you can order additional cameras later as needed.  Of course, most buyer choose 2 or more cameras in the initial purchase.  You can have any combination of cameras in your quad system.  All 4 inside is usually too much for all but the largest trailers that have multiple compartments.  We put 4 interior camera in 9+ horse trailers particularly when there is a tall stud wall separation or separate stud stall.  2 interior cameras is sufficient for 4 horse slant load trailers. 

You can add a rear view camera and/or a side view camera to your quad system for the greatest versatility.  Call us and we can mix whatever cameras you want in your order.  The quad system is delivered with a 26 foot truck cable and a 32.5 foot trailer cable.  These cables will fit all pick-ups including crew cabs with 8 foot beds.  The 32.5 foot trailer cable will fit most trailers as it only need to reach the camera closest to the front of the trailer.  Additional cameras are installed using extension cables which are available in lengths up to 32.5 feet.  We have installed these cables in commercial semi-trucks so length is not a problem.  Different lengths are available by special order.

The quad system has trigger wires is you wish to use them for automatic camera selection.  The trigger wire for a camera is hooked to the reverse (back-up lights) circuit to automatically turn on the rear view camera when your vehicle is placed in reverse.  Or you can hook the side view trigger wire to the turn signal to automatically change to the side view camera when the turn signal is used.

Hitch Camera

The hitch camera lets you hook up to your trailer without a spotter. The camera mounts at the back of the cab, on the roof or at the back of your truck depending on your trailer and needs.  The camera plugs into the standard monitor wiring and lets you select the hitch camera by pushing the channel button on your monitor.  The hitch camera set includes everything to add a rear view camera to your truck.  As always, the picture is color in daylight and excellent black & white at night.  This is the only camera in the wired system that has audio that plays through the speaker built into the monitor.  There is no wiring necessary, the monitor provides power to the camera.  The hitch camera fits the standard wired camera system and does not fit the quad system.  A hitch camera can be used with the quad system however, you will only be able to have 3 cameras on the trailer.  Call us for a quad system hitch camera.  The cost is the same for standard or quad systems.

Rear View Trailer Camera

The rear view trailer camera is a boon for backing all trailers.  This camera is more fully described on the cameras section on our products page.  This camera has a shutter that closes when the camera is not in use to keep road dust off the lens.  You know how dirty the back of your trailer gets.  The shutter door keeps that off the lens and keeps your picture clear.  There is also an automatic lens heater that turns on at 50 degrees F.  This makes sure you have a picture in snowy or foggy weather.  This is the camera on our home page that you see with the shutter door opening and closing.  As with our other cameras, the picture in daylight conditions is color while at night a clear black & white picture is provided.  This camera is handy for checking what is behind you when you want to change lanes or if someone is tailgating your trailer.  This camera is IP rated to 69K.  That means it is completely dust and water proof and can be pressure washed with high temperature water or steam.  The housing is anodized aluminum and will never rust. You just change channels on your monitor to use the rear view camera.  You can also wire in the trigger wires on the monitor to automatically activate the rear view camera any time you put your truck in reverse.

Side View Cameras

Our side view cameras allow you to see in blind spots on the side of your trailer.  They can be installed in either side, but most people just put one on the right side to see traffic or obstructions when changing lanes or making right turns.  These cameras install in the wired system with an extension cable and no wiring is required.  They are available in black, silver, or white to compliment the color of your trailer. The camera is adjustable in the housing to allow the best view down the side of those long long trailers.  The side view camera is the only one we sell that has a plastic housing. The housing is quite durable and retains its color over time. The camera itself is still a high quality CCD sensor with color picture in daylight and black & white night vision with 9 infrared LEDs. The night vision range is 10 to 15 feet in total darkness and farther with any other type of light such as traffic or moonlight. The side view cameras can be set to turn on automatically when your turn signal is activated with trigger wires already built into the monitor wiring or you can just select the channel on your monitor at any time to see the side view


  Wired5-10 System with 5 m (16.5 ft) truck cable 8 m (26 ft) trailer cable $495.00 Buy Now
  Wired8-15 System with 8 m truck cable 15 m trailer cable $495.00 Buy Now
  Wired10-15 System with 10 m (32.5 ft) truck cable 15 m (48.75 ft) trailer cable $495.00 Buy Now
  Wired10-20 System with 10 m (32.5 ft) truck cable 20m (65 ft) trailer cable $495.00 Buy Now
  Quad1 Quad trailer system with single camera $570.00 Buy Now
  Quad2 Quad trailer system with 2 cameras $709.00 Buy Now
  Quad3 Quad trailer system with 3 cameras $849.00 Buy Now
  Quad4 Quad trailer system with 4 cameras $985.00 Buy Now
    Add on Camera options    
  C-087PIN Interior camera with 4 pin connector $119.95 Buy Now
  Hitchwired Hitch camera add on set for wired trailer system (Not Quad system) $139.95 Buy Now
  C-635PIN Rear view camera with auto shutter and heated lens $139.95 Buy Now
  C 401S Side view camera in silver $124.95 Buy Now
  C 401W Side view camera in white $124.95 Buy Now
  C 401B Side view camera in black $124.95 Buy Now
    Extension Cables for adding cameras to wired system    
  ExtPin 1M 39" cable for installing added wired camera $  8.95 Buy Now
  ExtPin 2 M 6.5 foot cable for installing added wired camera $12.95 Buy Now
  ExtPin 4 M 13 foot cable for installing added wired camera $19.95 Buy Now
  ExtPin 5 M 16.25 foot cable for installing added wired camera $20.95 Buy Now
  ExtPin 6 M 19.5 foot cable for installing added wired camera $21.95 Buy Now
  ExtPin 10 M 32.5 foot cable for installing added wired camera $24.95 Buy Now

Wireless Trailer Camera System

wireless cameras for horse trailers

  • Includes everything to install the system with one camera
  • Compact color CCD camera with Sony sensor and integrated transmitter
  • Color picture in normal light
  • Clear black & white picture even in total darkness
  • Camera has 18 automatic infrared LEDs for night vision
  • Wide angle lens covers trailer interiors completely
  • Single camera will cover most trailers (slant load) up to 4 horses
  • Camera is weatherproof and has an anodized aluminum housing for long life
  • Our wireless cameras are rated IP67 for dust and waterproof up to 1 meter underwater. 
  • 7" LCD monitor/receiver can easily be moved to any towing vehicle
  • Monitor is easily removed for security or concealment
  • Permanently wire or use the included cigarette lighter adapter
  • WC-127 monitor includes a full function remote control
  • You can play DVDs or tapes from a player through the monitor
  • Monitor has a built-in speaker
  • You can use up to 4 cameras with this system
  • Of course, there is a full instruction manual
  • You can add a camera (interior or rear view) with an SMA Tee and bridging cable (see options below) on the same antenna. Std bridging cable is 4 meters (13 feet) call for different lengths at no extra cost
  • More than 2 cameras works best with a second antenna. Std antenna length is 39 feet. Call for different lengths
  • Changing trucks? No problem.  Just move the monitor and plug it into the cigarette lighter

monitors for trailer camera systemswireless and wired cameras for horse trailers


  TRCAM Trailer Camera System $595.00 Buy Now
  TRC+2 Add on interior camera in channel 2 w/ SMA Tee&cable $199.95 Buy Now
  TRC+4 Add on interior camera in channel 4 w/SMA Tee&cable $199.95 Buy Now
  TRC Rear Add on wireless rear view camera in chan 3 w/SMA Tee&cable $199.95 Buy Now
  TRC+2ant Add on interior camera in channel 2 with antenna and cable $224.95 Buy Now
  TRC+4ant Add on interior camera in channel 4 with antenna and cable $224.95 Buy Now
  TRC Rearant Add on rear view camera in channel 3 with antenna and cable $224.95 Buy Now