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C-220 Camera with Sony Super HAD CCD II

  • Sony ⅓" Super HAD II CCD sensor
  • Weatherproof IP 66 rating.  Completely dust proof and water proof to powerful water jets of 100 liters per minute from a distance of 3 meters.
  • 3.6 mm wide angle lens  
  • 30 large LEDs for night vision up to 100 feet
  • Includes power adapter and adjustable camera mount
  • No built-in microphone
  • Adjustable sun shade
  • Mount on a wall, beam, hung from a ceiling, or almost any way you can think of

We are now offering the C-220 camera in our barn camera systems.  This camera is IP66 rated for weatherproof installations.  It is equipped with the "Sony Super HAD CCD II camera sensor for fine pictures.  It also has a 3.6 mm lens for wide angle viewing. It has 30 large infrared LEDs for night vision up to 100 feet even in complete darkness.  This camera does not have a built-in microphone and we provide a separate microphone with every Barn system.  ( See accessories for microphones) Of course a power adapter and mount is included with every camera.

  C-220S Outdoor Super HAD night vision camera $129.95

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C-628 Camera with Long Range Night Vision

long range camera systems with night vision for barns

  • Sony CCD for clear color and black & white images
  • 72 IR LEDs for bright long distance night vision
  • Infrared ranges is up to 35 meters (114 feet) at night
  • Color picture in lighted conditions and black & white in darkness
  • Built-microphone for audio reception
  • Weatherproof and waterproof for use indoors or outdoors
  • 2.8 mm lens provides a 92 degree field of vision
  • Compatible with wireless and wired systems
  • Includes adjustable and removable sun shade
  • RCA connectors are a direct match with the LD camera system
  • Can be substituted for the C-621 camera in the LD system for $10.00 order by phone for this change

This is an excellent camera for large open spaces such as arenas, livestock pens, paddocks and open barns. This camera is larger than our other units at 12.95 inches (329 mm.) long and 3.9 inches (100 mm) in diameter. Includes mount and power adapter.

  C-628 Long Range Night Vision Camera $139.95

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Rear View Camera with Lens Protection
 rear view cameras for trailers
  • Roll your cursor over the camera to see the shutter open and close
  • This rear view camera has an automatic shutter that closes when the camera is not in use to keep the lens free of road dirt sucked up on the back of your trailer
  • There is also an automatic heater that actives a 50 degrees to keep the lens free of fog, ice, and snow so you have clear vision in all weather conditions
  • Color picture in daylight conditions with black & white infrared at night
  • Wide angle 170 degree lens gives you a good view when backing
  • Connects directly to the wired trailer camera system with one 12 volt connection (included) for power to the shutter
  • Can be set to automatically activate when reverse is engaged or run manually by channel selection on your monitor
  • Picture is reversible on the camera in addition to the monitor
  • Use extension cables to place camera far away from the end of the wired trailer cables
Rear View Camera
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Vari-Focal Camera

wireless camera systems for barns
  • Manually adjustable zoom from 3.5 mm to 8.0 mm
  • Vary the field of vision from 44 to 95 degrees
  • Water and weatherproof aluminum housing for outdoor use
  • Color daylight picture
  • Black & white night vision with 66 large infrared LEDs
  • Built-in microphone for audio, however audio range is much shorter than video
  • Night vision up to 150 feet
  • Compatible with wireless or wired systems
  • Includes adjustable sun shade, mount and power adapter
  • Ideal for paddocks, yards, driveways, very large barns, home security, outbuildings
  • Can be substituted for the C-621 camera in the LD system for $20.00 order by phone for this change
  C-641 Vari-Focal Camera $149.95 Buy Now


Trailer side view cameras
side view cameras for horse trailers
  • Side view trailer cameras available in silver, white or black
  • Mount of side of trailer for view of next lane for lane changes or passing
  • Provides view on corners and during tight maneuvering
  • Color picture in daylight and black & white infrared night vision
  • Single screw together connector for wired trailer system
  • Can be set to come on automatically with turn signal
  • Camera adjustable in housing for fine tuning of field of vision


side view cameras for horse trailers



White side view camera
Black side view camera                                                 Silver side view camera
$124.95 $124.95
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Wireless Rear View Camera

  • Built in transmitter for wireless use
  • Weather safe for outside installation
  • Wide angle 180 degree lens
  • Built-in microphone lets you hear anyone behind you while backing
  • Reversible image with moveable plug on back of camera
  • Color picture during daylight conditions
  • Camera has built-in adjustable sun visor
  • Camera adjusts vertically for your choice of viewing field
  • Black & white picture at night with 12 high power infrared LEDs
  • Use while backing or watch for traffic coming from behind
  • Camera pre-set to channel 3 on your monitor
  • Connects to RanchCams standard SMA antenna cables
  • Includes a rubber encased short antenna as well
  WC-639 Wireless Rear View Camera $159.95         Buy Now



Wireless Trailer Camera

wireless cameras for barns and trailers
  • Built-in transmitter pre-set to match WM-127 monitor frequencies
  • Color daytime picture with black & white infrared night vision picture
  • Camera measures only 2 1/2" by 2" by 3" including mount
  • Full 1/3" Sony color CCD sensor for high quality reliable optics
  • Camera includes audio with built-in microphone
  • Camera can be mount upright or hanging from ceiling
  • Order by channel up to 4 cameras for wireless use with WM-127 monitor
           WC-0871         Wireless trailer camera channel 1                                      $159.95             Buy Now
           WC-0872         Wireless trailer camera channel 2                                      $159.95             Buy Now
           WC-0873         Wireless trailer camera channel 3                                      $159.95             Buy Now
           WC-0874         Wireless trailer camera channel 4                                      $159.95             Buy Now

C-087 Camera with RCA Connectors

camera systems for barns and trailers

  • Our popular compact color camera with RCA connectors
  • Full sized 1/3" Sony CCD sensor
  • Wide angle lens for good coverage
  • Color picture in lighted conditions
  • Black & white infrared picture even in complete darkness
  • Measures only 3" wide by 2 1/2" tall and 2" deep including the mount
  • Can be mounted upright or hanging
  • Includes built-in microphone for audio
  • Weatherproof in anodized aluminum housing
  • Perfect for installing where space is very limited
  • Weatherproof housing allows use in barns and outdoor applications
  • Plugs into the Long Distance system just like the C-621


C-087 camera with RCA connectors $119.95

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C-087 Camera with 4 Pin Connector

trailer camera and barn camera systems

  • This is the same as the above C-087 camera but with a 4 pin connector for the wired trailer system
  • Connect the 4 pin connector to your existing wired trailer system and you have a new camera active on your monitor
  • The 4 pin connector powers the camera and brings the video signal to the monitor
  • This camera has the Sony 1/3" CCD sensor for color pictures in light and black & white infrared pictures in darkness
  • It has the same wide angle 2.8 mm lens as our other C-087 cameras
  • Weatherproof anodized aluminum housing allows indoor or outdoor installations
  • No audio with the 4 pin connector
  • Mount upright or from an overhead ceiling or beam
C-087PIN C-087 camera with 4 pin connector $119.95

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